3 Effective Exercises to Get Ripped Abs Fast

3 Effective Exercises to Get Ripped Abs Fast
Exercises to Get Ripped Abs Fast

Although diet, nutrition and cardio is crucial to removing unwanted fat from your abdominal region, if you want ripped abs you need to strength and sculpt your ab muscles. In this article I outline 3 effective exercises to help you get ripped abs as quickly as possible. Each of these exercises can be performed either in a gym or the comfort of your own home. You may find it easier to do them in a gym if you do not own free weights or a workout bench as 2 of these exercises require either dumbbells or a barbell.
Dumbbell Pullover Crunches
This is one of the most popular exercises to get ripped abs that predominantly targets your upper abdominal region. To perform this abs workout, you will need a pair of dumbbells. When first starting out the weight of each dumbbell may range from 5 to 20 pounds, depending on the 
strength of your core. You should also consider your stability while performing the exercise. Opt for lighter free weights if you have relatively weak core muscles, preventing you from remaining stable and maintaining form throughout each crunch. Conversely, consider using heavier weights if you think your core muscles have already adapted to your current weight load.
This exercise to get ripped abs is similar to conventional crunches. However, they are more difficult because this exercise requires you to use extended arms as compared to typical crunches with the addition of weight. Imagine this as ordinary crunches that require you to carry 
dumbbells over your head. Having your arms extended requires the use of more abdominal muscle fibers by adding more resistance to the entire exercise. As a result, you can develop better-looking abs within a shorter span of time.
Barbell Roll Out
In contrast to the dumbbell pullover crunches, this exercise routine closely targets the lower abdominal muscles. It can also help you stabilize your core muscles. The initial position for this exercise is similar to that of a push-up and is quite simple.
Assume a pushup position while grasping the handle of a barbell on the floor. With your palms and knuckles facing down towards the floor, slowly roll out the barbell by extending your arms straight out bring your nose towards the floor. Once full extended slowly roll your way back up to the starting pushup position to complete 1 rep. If a barbell is not available, you may use circular dumbbells as an alternative.
To obtain the best results while performing this abs exercise, you should perform this exercise for 10 to 15 repetitions for 3 sets. Each repetition should be done as controlled as possible, with a maximum rest period of one minute in between sets.
Oblique Crunches
The final exercise I want to mention is oblique crunches. These are very similar to the conventional crunches and other exercises to get ripped abs. The only difference is the final motion of every exercise repetition requires a twisting action to either side of your torso. After 
lifting your scapula off the support surface, whether a weight bench or the floor, you have to twist your trunk a little so that you can target your internal and external oblique muscle groups. These muscle groups are located on either side of your trunk, right beside the rectus abdominis muscle group.
To get ripped abs fast and optimize the effects of oblique crunches, you have to hold the final position for approximately 2 seconds before lowering your back to the starting position against the support surface.
The tricky part in performing these 3 exercises to get ripped abs is you need to constantly observe proper biomechanics while doing them. Remember, bad biomechanics while performing abs exercises may cause injury and strain to your lower back and neck. To learn more about how to get ripped visit
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