Good Diets That Work Fast For Women

Good Diets That Work Fast For Women Good Diets That Work

While both men and women struggle with weight loss, many women find it harder to lose weight than men do because women naturally have higher fat levels than men. Women have higher fat levels so that they are able to give birth and recover from it. This is why women have so much 
more Estrogen, a fat storing hormone, than men. As a consequence of this, women require fewer calories to put on a pound of weight than men do.
What this means is that good diets that work fast for women are different from the ones that 
work best for men. Additionally, while the optimum fat level in men is around 15 percent, for women it is around 25 percent. So, for women to lose weight and stay healthy, they still need 
some fat in their diets. Women also need to ensure that they do not cut dairy out of their diets because calcium deficiencies are so common in women.
When a woman considers losing weight, the choices she makes for her meal plan are important. Good diets that work fast for women will need to eliminate "bad" fats, such as 

saturated and trans fats. These "bad" fats should be replaced with "good" fats, such as avocados, most nuts, tofu and soy. As mentioned, calcium is a very important part of a 
woman's diet, and good diets that work fast for women will include low fat dairy. Further, studies have shown that people who consume low fat dairy while dieting lose more weight than people who do not.
Another major difference between diets for men and women is exercise. While muscle building and cardio are important for both genders, as they raise people's metabolism naturally, how the 
exercise is performed matters. Good diets that work fast for women will involve muscle strengthening exercises that include light weights and high reps. This will develop lean and toned muscle without bulking up. Further, because of the way that women's bone structures are 
built, high impact exercise is not good for their joints. Since women have wider hips, they are not naturally designed for running and jogging. This does not mean that women cannot perform this type of exercise, but it often leads to joint problems later in life.
So, if a woman is looking for a diet that will work quickly, she should be sure to look for a plan that is designed to work for a woman.
This article was written by dieting expert Jamie Bell. His website, about diets that work, has a lot of great dieting articles, such as the cabbage soup diet, the no carb diet, and several others. 
He is also about half way done with a 30 part series titled diet programs that work. This site also has a best weight loss supplement page with information about the best all natural weight loss supplements.

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