How to Optimize Your Weight Loss Efforts

How to Optimize Your Weight Loss Efforts
After you have been working out regularly for a few months you may experience a plateau. This refers to the point where you are not losing the weight you want and your workouts are not as productive as they were previously. This is the point at which many people choose to give up and stop working out or following the proper diet. This is a common occurrence, but you should not allow it to affect your work out goals and the amount of effort you put into them.

One of the best ways that you can push yourself over this plateau is by making some simple changes to your current workout regimen. The human body has the capacity to become used to a certain workout routine; to avoid this from happening you should change your existing workout routine. This can be done by substituting new exercises and participating in a few different classes. Sometimes even changing the time of your workout routine will trick your body into submission. These things will help to wake your body up and provide it with the challenge that it may have been missing.
Another way to optimize your weight loss efforts is to keep pushing yourself. You may reach a point in your workouts where they become too easy. If you experience this it is suggested that you increase the difficulty level at which you are currently working out. You should be exercising at an intensity that is between 60 - 80 percent of your target heart rate. This help keep your body burning fat and calories while you work out.
Another effective way in which to optimize your work outs is to include interval training. Interval training is method of aerobic training in which you perform short repetitions of high intensity exercises followed by a medium intensity workout. The high intensity portion of your workout should last for at least one minute and the medium intensity portion should last from between 2 - 5 minutes. A complete high intensity interval training session should last between 20 - 30 minutes.
You should also take advantage of daily activities that help burn extra calories. Instead of choosing a close parking space, choose the one that is a bit farther away from the door. If you have to travel a short distance, you may want to walk instead of driving. Taking the stairs instead of an elevator is also an effective way to optimize a daily activity to help burn calories.
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