Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout

Mike's Extreme Six Pack Abs Workout Add-On:

reverse crunch -20 rep
toe touches -20 rep
plank -30 sec

4 rounds total, no rest feel the burn!

  Six Pack Abs - What Does it Mean?

You have probably heard the expression "six pack abs" on many occasions. It may have been shortened to simply "six pack." However, the meaning is still the same. This expression refers to having a lean, flat, muscular stomach, and both men and women seem to want it. The real question to answer is whether this is even possible for everyone.

Some books and DVDs with exercise regimens that will promise you anything will say that there is no reason that anyone who is willing to work can't have this muscular midsection. This is not necessarily true. The truth is that six pack abs are a bit harder to attain than these money makers would have you believe. These are really a pre-cellulite phenomenon. People in their teens and 20's can achieve this, but it gets harder as you get older, as there is more subcutaneous body. However, if you have the right genetics and follow a strict program, you may have a shot at it, even if you are in your 30's or 40's.
It is a bit more difficult for women to be able to sport six pack abs. A female's body stores more fat than men because they are made for bearing and nourishing babies. It is also true that men usually lose weight faster when they are exercising regularly. Experts have found that it can even be a bit unhealthy for women to lower their body fat enough to have abs this lean, as it can even stop their menstrual cycles.
It may be better to not aim for such extreme results, but there are some very important reasons to work on your midsection. The abdominal core muscles make the torso stronger, create better posture, help reduce lower back pain, and lessen the risk of injury. Abdominal workouts can also make other areas of the body more fit, and help you if you play different sports, or engage in running exercise.
So, even though you may not be meant to have six pack abs, there is no reason that you cannot indulge in a bit of abdominal training. You can still make your stomach flatter and tighter with proper nutrition and a good exercise program. It is a wise idea to look into several of these programs before choosing one to try. If you are able, speak to a professional trainer who should be able to help you choose and implement just the right abdominal work out for you.
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