Circuit Training Workout Programs - What It Is and How Can You Benefit From It?

Circuit Training Workout Programs - What It Is and How Can You Benefit From It?
Circuit Training Workout Programs
What is Circuit Training?

Circuit programs are workout plans that combine both strength building (weight training) and resistance training (cardiovascular exercises). These are intense workout sessions that keeps one constantly in motion alternating between exercises with very short breaks.
Approximately 6- 10 exercises are structured in a particular sequence or circuit. Every exercise has to be repeated for a specific number of times before moving onto the next exercise. Once all the exercises are performed the entire sequence is repeated from the start. This is a repetition of the circuit is continued for a set time limit or for a specific number of times.
The minimal breaks separating exercises is to prevent a drop in the heart rate. The breaks are generally longer by a few seconds between circuits. Such circuit training workout programs can 
be undertaken individually or by groups of persons. There are different types of circuit programs based on the combination of exercises. They include strength circuits, Cardio circuits, strength and Cardio circuits and sports specific circuits.
Benefits of a Circuit Training Workout
Unlike other workout programs that target specific body muscles or enhance certain factors, circuit training exercises build strength, resistance and improve mobility simultaneously. These 
workout Programs are shorter in duration and can help those who want to work out and tone their bodies but, do not have the time to do so. They are usually completed in 20-30 minutes. However, Circuit training programs are as beneficial as the other longer programs you perform at the gym.
Circuit workout programs are popular as they bring about full body training with the use of minimal or no fitness equipment. It stimulates muscle growth. Weight machines, Hand held weights and elastic resistance bands are some of the equipment used for circuit training. 
Some circuit training programs can be adjusted to train certain areas of the body. The absence of the necessity to use sophisticated equipment permits the convenience of performing it at any location.
Resting the body is important
Circuit workout programs are very intense and should not be performed frequently. Based on the exercise combination you can choose to do it once, twice or thrice a week. Resting the 
body in between workouts is important. Straining the muscles beyond their capacity will not speed up results and can possibly injure the body. Lack of time for body repair can also reverse the results of your workout program.
Circuit training workout programs may not always be the best option for beginners as their bodies are not accustomed to rigorous exercise and have lower strength and resistance. Using the services of a personal trainer will help you choose the best circuit training program for you. 
Another pointer to choose an appropriate training program is to customize it based on a person's fitness goals. It goes without saying that you should also adhere to a good and healthy diet to achieve positive results in the least possible time.
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