Want your workout to count?

 Do you want your workout to really count?
I have found that when people set a goal that they can almost see  it pushes them to do even more. It pushes them even further when there is a reward at the end of the goal. So that goes into my next question. Do you reward yourself when you hit certain goals with your weight loss or workouts? I highly recommend that you do. Why? Beacause I bet it took you  so much hard work to get there. Most of the time we just move on to the next big goal and don’t even take time to celebrate the goals you have already achieved.

So let’s make this New Year count and let’s make this New Year something you can be proud of. Think about right now what you would love to reward yourself with when you reach your goal. Is it new "skinny" jeans. It is a heart rate monitor or a trip to the spa. Whatever it is that fits you and your personality then plan it, schedule it and mark it in the calender for you to get. So I am guessing maybe you are wondering how you are going to get the money to fund this event or purchase that will also drive your goal? My secret weapon for you ~ the workout tip jar!!
Here is what I need you to do now BEFORE the New Year starts and before things gets even more crazy and before your motivation is completely gone. Grab a container, bottle, jar anything where you can put money into and decorate it as you choose. On the outside you have to put workouts tips. Yes, you are tipping yourself when you workout. SO every time you do a workout put a 1$ into the jar. If you do two workouts a day then I highly suggest you follow the rules and put 2$ in the jar. You are not only then saving money BUT you can literally see your goals getting closer. When you hit your goal take the money and go buy or do whatever it is you planned. Reward yourself.