top rated weight loss diets

Many people who are trying to lose weight are at loss as to the kind of weight loss diets and pills to settle on, given the myriad of them in the market. To attain effective weight loss, low fat diets are generally the best, as they target the energy that your metabolism will burn, resulting in quick, and effective weight loss. Among the diets that can help burn fat and cut weight are the Weight Watcher's diet, the Biggest Loser diet, the Jenny Craig diet, the raw food diet, the Atkins' diet, the Volumetric diet, the Slim Fast diet and the vegan diet, among many more.

According to many experts, most of the diets are effective in fast weight loss, but score poorly in long-term results, which is, invariably, the most important goal. Most of the top rated diets like Weight Watcher's diets also encourage overweight people to continue their eating lifestyles, which could work against their weight control efforts.
Liquid Diets Can Do Wonders
The most effective diet for those who would like to completely lose the extra weight is a liquid diet. This diet replaces one or at most two daily meals with liquids, which are a combination of fruits, vegetables and assorted healthy drinks. Liquid diets are very effective in the short-run. The secret to a liquid diet lies in setting small period dieting goals that you can manage and gradually increasing the duration from, say, a week, to a fortnight, to 3 months and so on.
A liquid diet is very effective in short-term weight loss. However, care should be taken. It favors the breakdown of body water as opposed to fat, which is the real problem behind being overweight. With dedication, the body will soon start the breakdown of the excess fats to provide energy and nutrients. A liquid diet must be combined with dedicated exercise, which makes it one of the most effective weight loss programs.
Keep Your Stamina Up With Fibrous Meals
Dinner meals should be a variety of high-protein, high-fiber or low-fat combinations that are healthy. More spices like thyme, pepper, garlic, cayenne, cumin and rosemary should be used, rather than lean meat and proteins with high sugar, sodium and butter additions.
Stock up on enough apples, carrots, celery and oranges to enable yourself to create up to 8-oz of required juices a day. The best meals to replace are the heavy breakfasts and lunches. Drink one or two glasses of fresh juice in the morning and the same at your lunch break. Water and herbal teas should be drunk as much as possible during the day
Visiting a Dietitian to Find Useful Suggestions
By avoiding the fatty foods, your body also misses the important minerals and vitamins that you need. Add vitamins to your diet and make an appointment with a doctor to ascertain if a liquid diet would be proper for you. A dietitian will monitor your weight loss and recommend nutritious and healthy foods that can replace the significant amounts of minerals and vitamins that are lost with a liquid diet.