Exercise - How Much Do You Really Need to Stay Healthy?

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, unfortunately in today's fast paced, fast food society it is often easier said than done. The good news is you do not need to kill yourself for hours a day in a gym to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. When it comes to exercise and diet, consistency is the key to success. It is far better to do a little exercise consistently than start off with long sessions, only to find you just don't have the energy for three hour gym sessions four days a week. Quality and consistency will trump quantity every time.

If your goal is to lose weight, you should concentrate on aerobic exercise combined with a sensible diet that is low in fat but high in protein and carbohydrates. And while aerobic exercise is a great calorie burner do not make the mistake of neglecting strength training in your weight loss regime. You will burn more calories simply by having more muscle on your body, and don't forget that it is your skeletal muscles that give your body it's shape. So remember be consistent and don't give up because you don't see results immediately, it took a while to gain the weight, it will take a while to get rid of it.
If weight loss is not your primary concern but you would like to tone up for summer or for a special occasion like a wedding then you will want to try strength training combined with some moderate aerobic exercise. For muscle toning, again, consistency is the key. Start with light weights and higher repetitions of 15 to 20 for the first two to three weeks. After the initial break in period start to use weights that are a bit heavier and drop your repetitions down to 12 to 15 at most. This repetition range is a good compromise between toning and muscle building. Diet is just as important as exercise so be sure to eat a low-fat diet that is also high in protein and carbohydrates. Including protein shakes made with a high quality whey protein powder once or twice a day is always a good practice as well.
Whether you wish to lose weight or get toned always remember that nothing happens overnight. With a little consistency and common sense you can achieve whatever goals you have set and enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle as well.

Exercise - How Much Do You Really Need to Stay Healthy