Living Well With the Mediterranean Diet

Living Well With the Mediterranean Diet
Making the switch from your routine diet to a healthier one is a lot easier than you think. You can learn more about how to plan meals in the Mediterranean diet.
Keep in mind that it is by no means a strict meal plan. It will always be to your advantage to follow a meal plan that works for you so be certain to explore your option and design a personal meal plan you will stick to.
It is very much possible to lose weight under the Mediterranean diet. For better results though, you want to consult your dietitian for the best meal plan for this purpose. Remember that this diet calls for increased physical activity as well. You will need time to lie down, rest and relax too.
You will notice that beverages such as alcohol or coffee are not included in this meal plan. These exclusions are based on the Mediterranean meal plan and are considered optional at best. What you drink during meals in entirely up to you. Be sure to base this decision on your current overall health though.
As a healthier alternative, consider making Green Tea part of your diet. This drink has plenty of health benefits for you. Caffeine and alcoholic drinks should be taken in moderation. This is especially true if you are trying to lose weight.
Recipes for the dishes included in this meal plan can be found in the next chapter. When making a meal plan, keep these guidelines in mind:
Enjoy your food.- Remember that relishing every flavor of your food is part of the Mediterranean way of life. Beyond good nutrition, eating is a feast for the senses you must enjoy. It is not considered an inconvenient chore but an important part of life.
Watch the servings.- In any diet, it is important for your calorie intake and activity level to break even. For weight loss, you want to consume fewer calories and move around more. Of course this is easier said than done in today's lifestyle. Again, it is important to ask for advice from a dietitian or other nutrition expert. In this meal plan, it is up to you to adjust serving sizes to meet your needs.
Drink plenty of water.- As much as possible, try to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day.
Exercise, rest and relax- Apart from the diet itself, what you do in between meals is an important part of the Mediterranean diet. You should spend less time sitting down and more time moving and getting around. Go outdoors and find something to do to cover your exercise. Be sure to get enough rest and relaxation as well.
My name is Al James. I am a freelance writer with a passion for keeping fit and helping others do the same through my writing. Being in my early 50's I found it difficult to lose weight. That is until I discovered the Mediterranean Diet. With this diet you will never go hungry and the program is packed full of great Mediterranean Diet Recipes. If you want to finally lose weight, the Mediterranean Diet may be the one that finally works. It certainly has for me.

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