Online Weight Loss Programs: Consulting Your Physician

Online Weight Loss Programs: Consulting Your Physician
consulting Your Physician

Whenever you see an ad for online weight loss programs, exercise videos, or any other plan to help you drop the pounds, it is inevitably accompanied by the advice that you should consult your physician before beginning the plan. While the percentage of people who actually do this 

may be relatively small, perhaps you've decided it's a good idea. And it is. While embarking on a fitness plan is designed to make you a healthier person, you may have unique obstacles standing in your way. You may have an undiagnosed health issues that could make intense exercise dangerous. Perhaps the plan you've chosen is rubbish. Talking to a doctor could be a wise first step.

Ask Questions
Don't just go to your doctor and say, "Hey, I'm thinking of trying one of these online weight loss programs, whaddya think?" He won't be able to give you any useful information with that prompt. Make sure he understands that you're there for the specific task of getting some 
answers. You do this, of course, by writing some specific questions. Sit down and think of everything you want to know about embarking on the plan. Don't assume you'll remember these questions when you get to the doctor's office, because you'll inevitably forget something. Write them down and then bring some extra paper with you so you can take notes on his advice.
Get a Physical
If you're concerned that your health may not be up to the task of engaging in one of the online weight loss programs, you should get a physical. What a "physical" entails might be different from one doctor to the next, but at the very least it should consist of a physical examination and 
some blood work. This will at least give you some basic information and rule out any issues that might make an exercise or diet plan dangerous for your body. If the doctor does find any problems, ask him what steps you should take to protect yourself as you move forward with your fitness journey.
The Plan Itself
If you want specific information, you have to be specific. Write down all the tenets of whichever online weight loss programs you're intending to follow and bring them with you to see the doctor. Show him the information and ask him if there's anything he sees that doesn't jibe with 
his knowledge. One caveat here: doctors aren't nutritionists, and their way of looking at food intake and losing weight is sometimes very outdated. Don't be discouraged if his advice seems more in line with the government's food pyramid. Its just advice, nothing more. Do your own research and do what you feel is right.
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