Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Protein shakes have been created to try and encourage weight loss while making sure that the person keeps a high energy level. There have been a lot of debates as to whether these shakes are effective in weight loss programs. The usual cycle when some new product that claims to be the best protein shakes for weight loss comes along in the market is that a lot of people try it and then the internet ends up flooded with negative comments about it.
Visalus Science is one of the companies that claim to produce some of the best protein shakes for weight loss. The internet too has quite a number of responses both negative and positive. Let's take a close look and examine if their claim has any proof.
How it works
Everything starts with the Body by Vi 90 day challenge. The challenge in turn starts with the individual making/setting their personal goal with regards to weight loss. It may be being able to fit some pair of jeans you have, knocking down a few pounds, gaining more muscle, keeping a high energy level and the like.
Then, you sign up for the challenge and select the most appropriate challenge kit to suite your needs. The claimed 'best protein shake for weight loss' is said to "taste like cake" which is something not common for a losing weight shake.
Once you start out with the shake, you can do your part in keeping the shake exciting and new. There are many ways to vary the way you make your shake: simply add your favorite fruits, coffee, chocolate, or use the 'mix ins' that come along with the pack. Visalus also have a Facebook page which contains a list of different recipes that can be created with the basic pack.
Making money
The claimed best shakes for dieting that the company produces are also a source of income with the compensation plan that Visalus has put into place. You simply start with your 90 day challenge and once you have ample proof of success, invite three others to also start out with their challenge. You then get to receive your Visalus challenge kit for free.
True, all of the mentioned does sound too good to be true. However, there are a great number of people online giving testimonials about this company that claims to have the best protein shakes for weight loss. If you are in search for such a plan, make sure to consult your physician first

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