Tips for Sticking to an Exercise Regime

Tips for Sticking to an Exercise Regime
Most of the people come home after spending a long day sitting on a chair and then de-stress by sitting on another chair. They are unable to collect energy for a walk or gym as there is a lack of motivation. The first thing you have to do is motivate yourself.
How to motivate yourself for exercise?,

Stand in front of a mirror and notice that extra fat bulging out. Are you happy with what you saw in the mirror? No, then just make you mind for reducing that additional fat. You can search your wardrobe for an old college days jeans or any other dress which no more suits you. Make your mind to fit back into it comfortably. Keep the dress within your sight for motivation.
How to stick to your regime?,
Be nice to yourself:
According to fitness experts we are the biggest hurdle in our regime as we expect too much from ourselves and when expectations are not met, we get discouraged. Do not stop your efforts at failures.
Avoid 'all or nothing' mindset:,
It is not necessary to include complicated exercises in your work out. Set small and achievable goals at starting and expand your limits slowly. For instance, you can start with a 15 minutes or half an hour work out like cycling, walking or skipping. Always remember, Doing something is always better than doing nothing.
Make exercising a fun:,
Choose some fun exercise such as aerobics, dancing, mud run, cycling or martial arts. Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy doing it. Keep going constantly and challenge yourself slowly.
Join positive communities or ask from friends:
It is difficult to figure out the changes yourself. Therefore, you need genuine feedback for sticking to your goal. You can join any health community or simply ask a friend to notice changes in you. Ask some of your friends to join your exercise regime and you all can notice the changes in each other. A group will also help in increasing motivation through competition.
Use technology to stick to your goals:,
Technology can be of great benefit in your progress. You can use the Calendar app to schedule your diet and exercise plan. Set reminders for your exercise schedule. Use technologies to build good habits.
You must have noticed that this article has not asked you to follow a strict work out routine as the focus is on to help you start working out and make it a habit. Once you will start a continuous work out, you will do it like a shower or having a meal. Your exercise regime will soon become better and regular and you will see the results yourself. Now, see yourself again in the mirror this time wearing the same old jeans.