Visual Muscle Impact

Visual Muscle Impact
Having visual muscle impact is a culmination of a lot of hard work AND a great training strategy. Okay, so we have all seen Fight Club, featuring the lean and ripped Brad Pitt. His physique in that film has been talked about by both by men and women for some years now. So, I guess the next question is, how in the world did he get that ripped to create the visual muscle impact that we all saw on the silver screen. I don't know about you, but when I saw him for the first time without his shirt I was in shock. I had no idea Brad could become so muscular and ripped. I always pictured him as just a regular thin guy without much muscle definition. Boy was I wrong. I have finally discovered what the secret was to his body transformation success. And no, it's not steroids guys. It's an amazing workout plan that specifically gives you that lean chiseled angular "Hollywood" look we all so desperately want. This program is based around a concept called "Cumulative Fatigue." It is based around three specific phases, plus a bonus phase, that will each last about 2 months long. So let's get started and see how to achieve visual muscle impact for ourselves.

- First, you must concentrate on increasing the size of your muscles with lighter weights and higher repetitions. This phase is called the "Sarcoplasmic Growth Phase." This will give you that "pumped" look. You will be drawing water into your muscles and creating a "fuller" appearance. During this period you will appear to be slightly bloated. But don't worry, this is only the first phase and is temporary.
- Secondly, it's time to add some density and hardness to your bloated and fuller appearance. This phase is called the "Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar" training phase. In order to achieve this you must now start to work on your diet plan and increase the weights. As you increase the weight load you will be dropping the repetitions as well. Shoot for lower repetitions while maintaining your high protein and moderate carbohydrate diet. After the first month, you will begin to start seeing amazing definition that you have NEVER seen before. This is the beginning of having the visual muscle impact look that Brad had in Fight Club. Continue this same routine for an additional month.
- The third phase and probably the most fun is the "Maximum Density and Definition" phase. This is where all your hard work over the last four months will begin to finally pay off. You will continue to use heavier weights and shoot for 3-5 repetitions per set. As you are increasing your metabolism, you will be dropping fat fast. As you are dropping fat, your muscles will be getting denser and more defined. At this phase you will look ripped in ANY light. You will begin to have that "shrink wrapped" look. Full dense muscles and tight skin. This is the ideal physique to create the visual muscle impact look that I spoke about earlier.
- The BONUS phase is the icing on the cake. Once you get to this phase you will have lost some size due to your diet and heavier weight training program. Now once your skin is tight and your muscles are hard and dense, it's time to pump them up a bit.
At the end of the 6-8 month training program you will not believe the look you will have. Your skin will be super tight and your muscles will be hard as a rock. You will have ZERO water retention and your veins will be visible. When I first did this program it took me only 4 months. Probably because I have worked out before and I already have low body fat. Just stick with this plan and you too will have the visual muscle impact that will make people turn their heads. And the best part is, you will still look great in clothes. You will be super lean and ripped. I am really shocked at how well this worked. Highly recommended.