Weight Loss 8 Power Diet Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

Weight Loss - 8 Power Diet Tips to Lose Weight Quickly!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a pill you could take that made your weight just drop off without any effort? (I would be first in the queue if there was any such pill!!) Unfortunately I can't provide such a pill or tell you of anyone who has come up with any such 'miracle cure', but what I can do today though is provide you with 8 power diet tips for rapid and safe weight loss.
So here we go!
Power Tip # 1 - Keep a food journal

People always eat more than they think. Dipping your finger into the cake mixture or eating your child's left over biscuit are still calories and needs to be counted. Write down everything you eat and be honest! You'll soon see why you are not losing weight and what you need to cut out to make your weight loss more rapid.
Power Tip # 2 - Drink plenty of water
Often thirst can be mistaken for hunger and a drink of water can alleviate hunger pangs. Also drink a full glass of water before eating your meal and you will feel more full and eat less.
Power Tip # 3 - Exercise
Regular exercise will speed up your metabolism and have the added bonus of making you feel good. Exercise releases 'feel good' endorphins'.
Power Tip # 4 - Smaller plates
Sounds crazy doesn't it?! But it's well known that we will eat what is put in front of us. By giving yourself a smaller portion in a smaller plate, you will end up eating less. So, eat your food from a smaller plate!
Power Tip # 5 - Eat regularly
Eat five or six small meals a day. This keeps your body working all day - i.e. increased rate of metabolism, keeps your energy levels up and keeps hunger pangs at bay. This way you will also burn more calories than you normally would with the conventional three meals you are used to have.
Power Tip # 6 - Choose wisely
When shopping, read the labels carefully. There is no such thing as low fat cheese for example, it just has a bit less fat. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and opt for low calorie drinks.
Power Tip # 7 - Alcohol = Empty calories!!
If you do have to have a drink then drink something like a wine spritzer where you top up the wine with a large amount of soda water. This way you will stay hydrated and drink less alcohol. Keep in mind that alcohol has major calorie content, so if possible, opt for a non-alcoholic drink. This will make losing those extra pounds just that much easier, or at least save you from adding on any extra weight.
Power Tip # 8 - Rewards
Reward yourself regularly for your achievements. You deserve it.
With these 8 power diet tips, at your fingertips you don't need a diet pill. Just follow them, and you will be well on your way to shedding those extra pounds, fast!
All the best!
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