Weight Loss Tips - 3 Powerful Weight Loss Secrets and How to Implement Them

Weight Loss Tips - 3 Powerful Weight Loss Secrets and How to Implement Them
Anybody who wants to shed weight knows that he or she must implement the right eating strategies over the long haul-and that's no easy feat. We've all been there: Despite exercising and watching what you eat, the old jeans don't fit no more. The answer is simple. You just need to be more vigilant with your workout program and diet to maximize calorie burn, boost muscle mass, and decrease body fat.

Fortunately, it's easier than it sounds when you start putting into practice these powerful and super effective diet tips. Get ready to trim!
Survive High calorie situations
Whether it's the holiday dinner, the office goodies, or the afternoon munchies, temptations to overeat are everywhere. Therefore, learning how to survive these situations-unscathed-is the way to go is you're really want to lose the pounds and keep them off for good.
To make it through, do the following:
The holiday dinner: Go for a long run prior to dinner. Research shows that subjects who exercised for more than 40-minute at 50-60 percent of their maximum cardio had lower levels of ghrelin, which is the hormone responsible for hunger. If exercising is not an option, then eat a high protein snack one to two hours prior to the big meal and bring a healthy dish with you, such as fruit salad.
The bar. Beer is delicious, but in excess it can compromise your health and weight loss efforts. Alcohol boosts appetite and hinders post-workout recovery, research shows. Therefore, make sure to order a low-calorie drink, such as a light beer or a small glass of wine. You could also preempt the hunger by opting for a protein-rich snack beforehand.
Morning pangs. According to a Purdue University Study, consuming protein with breakfast can help you feel fuller for longer, thus it prevents overeating later on. In fact, a study published in the International Journal Of Obesity reported that subjects who ate two eggs and toast for breakfast were able to cut out about 1000 calories a day-mainly from unhealthy snacking- and lost 65 percent more weight than those whose breakfast was a bagel with cream cheese.
Swap the bad for the good
Following a diet is not always about sacrificing good eats. It's also about substituting the bad for the good so you can keep on eating without feeling hungry all the time.
Here are 3 fat-burning food swaps:
Swap tea for green tea. If you're a four cups-a-day addict, substitute a couple for the green variety. The latter is jam-packed with catechins, which activates the body's fat burning processes, a study published at The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed.
Swap sugar in coffee for cinnamon. Add cinnamon instead of sugar to your coffee can help keep blood sugar levels at bay, thus prevent hunger pangs and overeating.
Swap sugary drinks for water with lime. Don't let the label fool you, even the 'diet' drinks can send your blood sugar soaring thanks to their sweet taste. Therefore, water is a better option and squeezing a lime into it regulates blood sugar and keeps it on the low.
Get more Calcium
Calcium keeps bones strong, reduces fracture risk and can also help you keep your BMI in check. According to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Nutrition, subjects with the highest calcium intake shed 60 percent more weight than those with the lowest.
Unfortunately, The Journal of Nutrition reports that 38 percent of us don't get enough calcium. Consequently, make sure to get plenty of this vital ingredient. Aim for at least 1,000 mg a day. Main sources include canned salmon, dark greens, and fortified fruit juices but in moderation.
David DACK is a runner and an established author on weight loss, motivation and fitness.