Why Would You Choose An Elliptical Trainer Over A Treadmill?

Why Would You Choose An Elliptical Trainer Over A Treadmill?
 Elliptical Trainer

Walk into any health club and the two fitness machines that you will mostly likely see are treadmills and elliptical trainers. These machines are designed to address two of the major health concerns of Americans, cardiovascular health and weight loss. Both machines allow the 
user to exercise indoors in a limited space, making it easier to stick with their exercise routine. The treadmill allows you to train by running or walking, while the elliptical trainer trains your lower body muscles in a different way through the elliptical motion, and it could work your upper 
body as well as if you have moveable handlebars. Determining which machine is best for you will depend on your specific fitness goals, but I think the elliptical trainer is the smart choice for most.
The elliptical trainer gives you more options for designing a workout that matches your fitness goals. Treadmills are a good machine to train for a race, and most models give you the option 
of changing the incline and intensity. The elliptical will also let you vary the incline (with Precor's cross ramp technology), and resistance levels. But it also lets you work your upper body with moveable handlebars and some models allow you to use reverse motion by pedaling backwards, which works your hamstring and calf muscles more than when using forward motion.
An elliptical machine is also easier on your joints. The treadmill is more of a high impact exercise which is why so many people with joint problems choose the elliptical trainer. This is 
especially appealing to aging Baby Boomers and those who have had an injury to their knees. What may be surprising is this fitness machine's ability to build bone density in a low impact exercise. This is because it stresses the muscles that attach to the bone.
The lower impact nature of elliptical exercise means the machine takes less of a pounding, which is why you should expect lower maintenance costs with an elliptical trainer.
Another appealing feature of exercising on this machine is its lower "rate of perceived exertion". This means your workout feels easier to you than how hard your body is actually working. The elliptical motion mimics the natural motion of walking in a low impact exercise so it feels easier.
Choosing between a new or refurbished elliptical and a treadmill will depend on a number of factors, but I believe the elliptical is best for most people. The ability to vary the workout, along with the low impact nature of this fitness machine makes it an ideal choice for anyone except the most dedicated runner.
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