Top home workout programs

top home workout programss

In home workouts are fantastic ways to fit in a great workout, when time seems short. Over the past month, I have been told constantly that time is the culprit for not doing or starting a workout. I don't buy into this excuse, as we need to make time! Below are some ideas for an in home workouts, which takes little amount of time!

To make it simple, pick four exercises below. The first three exercises you will do for 30 seconds each (do as many repetitions as you can) the fourth exercise you will do for 1 minute. You will then take a minute break and do the routine over again. Do the routine 3 to 5 times.
In Home Workout Exercises
1. Jumping Jacks - Great exercise to start your interval training. They are done just like we did as kids! Perfect way to get your blood flowing!
2. Running in place with high knees - Run in place with arms pumping like your running. You want your knees to come up even with your waist if possible. If you cannot bring the knees to your waist bring them as high as you can. Progression: If you want to push harder raise your hands above your head!
3. Use a step - These can provide good cardio benefits as well as toning your legs. Just stand in front of the bottom step on a set of stairs. Step up with one foot and then the other, and then step back down with one foot and then the other. Increase the pace for a higher intensity workout. Make sure you use your arms pumping forward.
4. Pushups - Pushups are awesome for a complete upper body workout. You can start with a normal pushup to start. If you are advanced you can use narrow, wide or offset hand width to give variation. You can also raise either leg on each push up. Remember to tighten your abs and squeeze your bum cheeks together to activate your core muscles!
5. Leg Raises - This exercise is good for toning the lower abdominals. Simply lie flat on your back and raise your legs about 8 inches off the ground and hold them for time allotted. Make sure you keep breathing and not holding your breath. If the straight leg position becomes too difficult bend your knees and raise your legs.
6. Crunches - This exercise is good for toning the mid and upper abdominals. To perform crunches correctly, lie on your back with your knees bent at a 45-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. Have your fingertips at your temples and curl your upper body up while tucking your chin into your chest. You breath coming down from the crunch and breath out all your air as you move to the top of the crunch. When doing this exercise, very key to make sure you lower back is pressed against the floor to activate the abs!
7. Squats - This is a great exercise for your legs and glutes. To do them properly, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees come over the toes, put your weight on your heals and raise your toes up slightly (isolates the quads and glutes), make sure you are breathing. Progression: You can add in a squat press. If you have dumbbells, you can squat and press up the weights above your head. This will works your full body!
In home workouts can be a great way to get in a 20 to 30 minute workout with our going to the gym or buying expensive equipment. Many people because of their busy life style are using in home workouts to their advantage, and so can you!
Blair Becker is a personal trainer and a emerald Beach Body Coach
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