honey and cinnamon drink for weight loss

cinnamon and honey to lose weight
honey and cinnamon drink for weight loss
Honey with cinnamon "It seems strange to you? How these types of food combined with each other and are making weight loss? Have every right dear in amazement topic, but honestly. Honey and cinnamon they can earn you the weight you've always dreamed of doing. Eating a cup of boiling water witha teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey in the morning before breakfast, and another one before going to sleep helps you lose weight in an effective manner.

Fat-free body
Although the sweet taste of honey contains a good amount of sugar, but it plays an important role when it is taken with cinnamon. Honey and cinnamon superbly interact and contribute to first improve the digestion process and thus prevent storing large amounts of harmful fat. Secondly, honey and cinnamon helps to burn some fat accumulated. Eat this mixture and get the whole body healthier and leaner.

Sense of satiety
I've the recent showing that eating a cup of boiling cinnamon with some honey in the morning, contributes to sense of hunger mitigate for the rest of the day. Not only that. Cinnamon can contribute to burn more and more calories that are taken up with in the day, and thus help you lose weight and get healthy body in a natural way. PE.YN do not hesitate in the preparation of this wonderful cup tasty and useful.

Great energy
The boiling Cuba of honey and cinnamon contains only 20 calories but lots and lots of nutrients. Honey contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. The cinnamon is contain little calcium, vitamin B and dietary fiber necessary for the body. Cups of honey and cinnamon daily energy give you, activity and health in addition to that this powder can're a lot of diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, arthritis and cancer. Honey and cinnamon Madam you get on more energy, better health and a slimmer body.

add in honey and cinnamon to foods
In order to benefit more and more of the benefits of honey and cinnamon and lose more weight you can added to the many summary Food because they enjoy the taste of delicious and gorgeous. Here are some ideas:
- Soak the chicken breasts with a mixture of honey, cinnamon, salt and pepper white Xue before.
- Eat a fresh apple with a spoon of honey and a little cinnamon.
- Vaeedi cakes or cakes of honey and cinnamon delicious .
- Use cinnamon sticks and very little of honey during the cook up foods.
- Vaeedi dressing of mustard honey and sprinkle with cinnamon to be taken up as well as foods.