The Belly Wrap - Is This the Postpartum Secret to a Flat Sexy Belly?

The Belly Wrap - Is This the Postpartum Secret to a Flat Sexy Belly? Belly WrapIf you are pregnant or have been pregnant - then you've probably heard of the belly wrap. These post pregnancy belly wraps are 

supposed to get you back into pre-pregnancy shape and get your belly flatter than ever. Keep reading to find out how they work...

The idea of "wrapping" your belly after you've given birth to get it back to its pre-pregnancy shape is actually centuries old. Women worldwide swear by it and belly binding and 
wrapping has been practiced in numerous countries by women of various backgrounds.
In particular, Eastern women have used stomach binding as a way to "persuade the muscles of the stomach back together, reposition the uterus, and reduce or eliminate stretch marks".
Western women are finally realizing that there is something to this tradition of belly binding. In a specific case involving two cousins - the first used what we would consider "normal" methods to get herself back into shape, and the second cousin used a belly wrap. It took the first cousin almost a full year to get her pre pregnancy body back, while the second cousin (who used the belly wrap) was back into her skinny jeans within 2 months!
The idea is that your bones and cartilage actually stay somewhat flexible after birth. The same body chemicals that made your hips and abdominal area able to "stretch and give" to be able to accommodate an entire baby, now can be used to "shrink" everything back into place. The key is to give your ab area a mold to conform to and provide support in a way that encourages your organs, muscles, and skin to "shrink and tighten".
When you think about it in its most simplest of terms - it makes sense. Think about when a person wears a cast on a body part for a few weeks - the area shrinks and tightens.
A belly wrap also adds support to your spine, is supposed to reduce water retention, and make lifting and carrying heavier objects easier - much like the weight lifting belts body builders use while exercising.
It is suggested that a belly wrap be worn beginning 24 - 48 hours after pregnancy and then daily for up to 8 weeks. However, results have been shown even in women who weren't pregnant or hadn't been pregnant!
The important thing to remember is that if you've just had a baby - you would not want to use inferior products. While a good, stiff, strong girdle would definitely be better than nothing - actual belly wraps are specifically designed with belly compression in mind. The materials and medical grade quality were created to get the job done. So, make your choice wisely.
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