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Before I knew what a goal was. Before I knew how to stay focused and keep a list. I was a hott mess. Yes, I said it. All over the place with my thoughts. I want to do this, be this, see this. Come to realize that you can’t make goals and to do lists until you figure out what is important to you. Some things may seem cool to do to which you think would bring you great joy but then they happen and you are like that’s it?
Mainly because you didn’t lay the foundation for your life. You never stopped or slowed down to know what is important to YOU but I am sure that you may know what it important to those around you. I just wanted to share with you something from my daily devotional called “Pure” by Rebecca St. Jame,
As people grow up most of them forget to dream, or simply don’t take the time for it. I think that many of us, myself included, are scared to dream because dreaming potentially invites disappointment if those desire go unfulfilled.
If this is you, it is time to start dreaming again! I do not care how old or young you are. Start with what is important, dream and then create a list yo get there. Remember you don’t have to do it alone. Ask for help, especially from God!