[facebook][retweet]I have been working closely, 2 days a week roughly, with 4 clients whom I train! Many have become some of my greatest of friends but when I met them all there was or is something broken inside of them! This is where I come into play!
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For a little over two years I have been helping people in fitness online and some locally. I have been guiding through goals, nutrition, fitness or just a lending ear. From what I have learned being a fitness coach and reading multiple books and attending multiple trainings is that the only way to maintain the outside is to work on the inside. What pain causes you to overeat or what hurt causes you to turn to food? If you jump on the fitness train without ever expecting to keep it off or deal with any emotions along the way you are being fooled and the weight will come back and possible x2! The lifestyle change doesn’t come overnight and neither did your weight. It is consistent effort and finding things you LOVE to workout to and  LOVE to eat! I never force people to stop eating what they enjoy but find a healthier alterternative to it.
When I first meet people whom wish to train with me we talk about what their “why” is. For some it could be their family, to feel good, to be confident, to get a job they want. BUT the most important first step is to identify what will push you and motivate you everyday! So let me ask you what is you why? Next step, focus on 10 goals. What would be so awesome to achieve in the next 12 months! When you see it wrote down your brain just makes this connection but the key is to write them down more than once. So again let me ask you what 10 goals you would love to see happen in the next 12 months? Make them realistic, attainable and measurable!
The time is not tomorrow the time is now!