Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast

Best Exercise to Lose Weight Fast
Its most likely that you have discovered this page because you are frustrated by all the information on the net, and you've probably found that most of it doesn't work. Well here are some exercises lose weight that really do work.
Have you started a diet, and an exercise plan?
Well first of all I want you to reconsider what you have just begun. Do you want to lose weight?

Well chances are you are already doing things wrong, because when people begin a diet they do not realise that their body breaks down itself to make up for the energy deficit. So yes you do lose weight, but that weight is lean tissue or water which can have major health concerns later on. A much better way to lose weight is to simply eat more, yes thats right.
But the thing is its got to be healthy food, because in turn your metabolism will be running at full bolt causing your body to burn fat at record speeds, which will help you to get in shape easier with the following exercises.
Well whats your goal? Is it toned thighs or reduced tummy fat, because that is the first thing you should consider before starting an exercise program. exercises lose weight can be targeted.
If its toned thighs you want, then nothing beats the walking lunge. Its so simple, you can grab light weights or do it bodyweight, just take a large step forward until your back knee touches the ground and you feel a stretch in your buttocks and thigh. Thats it, repeat 15 times each leg for 3-4 sets.
If its abs you want, then you better start the jump rope. Where is the crunches you ask?
Well crunches dont necessarily burn fat, they tend to build muscle. If its reduced fat then skipping is probably your best bet. ITs fast simple and easy, can be completed in under 15 minutes!
A good jump rope workout is 1 minute intervals, with 15-20 seconds rest. Of course you can try those double unders or twisters, its only going to help you burn even more fat!
There are so many exercises lose weight out there, including bodyweight squats, burpees, yoga, star jumps, boxing and they all help in there own ways.
Did you know that it can take up to 2 months to burn 1 inch of fat off your waistline, cant afford to wait that long? Well find out how a good training program or diet can help you lose it in half the time.
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