Best New Weight Loss Program Created by 2 of the Biggest Losers - The Weight Loss Twins

Best New Weight Loss Program Created by 2 of the Biggest Losers - The Weight Loss Twins

the Biggest Losers
The best new weight loss program for 2009 is about to be launched by 2 guys who know how 

to lose weight fast.  Bill and Jim Germanakos, better known a s the Weight Loss Twins who 

won season 4 of the Hit TV show The Biggest Loser are back nearly 2 years after their win 

to share their secrets for rapid fat loss and how to keep it off.

Bill and Jim came began their journey with a combined weight of 695 pounds.  In just 8 
months the brother shed an unbelievable 350 pounds and were both declared winners, Bill won 
the overall competition and Jim, who was voted off the show in week 5 was awarded the eliminated players win.
The brothers say the key to their success was a combination of many things all working together.  Here are some tips for the system they put together and why it proves to be the best new weight loss program offered.
1.  Motivation is key.  You must find what it is that motivates you to stick with your plan.  The twins are masters at motivation and pass that on in their new system by revealing personal stories from their journey and offering an opportunity to interact directly with the brothers.
2.  Metabolism must stay high.  Too many rapid diet plans cause your metabolism to take a nose-dive, this in turn causes your body to stop burning fat and your weight loss plateaus.  The twins show how eating smaller more frequent meals and also taking a regular day "off" to eat your favorite foods actually keeps your fat burning metabolism strong for rapid loss.
3.  Find your inspirations.  The mental side of weight loss is so important.  Bill and Jim both wanted to lose weight for themselves and to be healthier but they were also inspired by their families and higher goals that helped them pull through challenging times.
The best new weight loss program comes from a couple of big losers who have had the real life experience of losing weight fast and keeping it off.
The winners of Season 4 of The Biggest Loser are about to reveal The Truth About Diets.
Combined these two men lost over 350 pounds in only 8 months (photo & video) They have taken their experience and education from the show and put together the Rapid Action Metabolism Weight Loss System (The RAM System).
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The author, Dr. Becky Gillaspy, is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Wellness Coach connecting you with the most effective methods for weight loss and fitness.