Stress, Massage and Types of Massage

Stress, Massage and Types of Massage
Stress and Its Affects
Stress is a common foe to all of us. Whether we are at home or office, we are always dealing with a mental or physical stress. Stress may seem like an insignificant problem to some people, but if it persists for a long time it can develop into anxiety, chest pain, headaches, or diabetes. Mostly people prefer going through a natural treatment to get rid of their physical and mental stress. Therefore, they prefer a massage therapy over anxiety drugs and other medications.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an alternative medicine, which means that it does not involve drugs and surgery. It is a natural and holistic treatment of reducing or eliminating any kind of mental and physical stress, pain, and other health stress related problems. It is effective in improving your overall physical and mental health. Some therapists use herbal gel or oil in massage, because it makes a massage more effective and relaxing. Massage does not only reduces your stress, but it also causes your mind and body to become calm and full of energy.
Some Types of Massage
There are different techniques of massage therapy used depending on the patient's problem. These different techniques have different effectiveness and benefits. Some well-known types are briefly explained below.
Swedish Massage
It is a very gentle and soothing massage therapy. It involves a series of gentle brushing strokes and oil. It is effective in improving circulation and mobility. It also provides a relaxing feeling to your back, neck, shoulders, legs, and arms.
Thai Massage
It is one of the oldest techniques of massage therapy. It does not involve the usage of any cream or oil, which is why it can be performed while you are clothed as well. In this type of therapy, a therapist will use his legs, feet, arms, and hands to massage and manipulate your body into different positions. Thai massage improves circulation and flexibility. It also replenish your energy, while reducing the stress.
Shiatsu Massage
It is a spiritual massage where a therapist applies pressure on different parts of your body. It is helpful in balancing the energy in your body, while providing deep muscle relaxation that ultimately reduces stress greatly.
Hot Stone Massage
In Hot Stone therapy, special rocks are used to do the massage. Rocks, such as Basalt, are covered in massage oil and heated at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These rocks are then placed on different parts of your body. This type of technique provides deeper massage and improves circulatory system, reduces stress and detoxify your body.
There are various other types of massage techniques available as well and all of them are effective against stress.

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