Super Fast Abs Workout

Man, do I have a show for you. After some of my workouts, I like to throw in this little extra afterburner on the grill and get my abs fired up. 

You'll see that these are some basic ab exercises, but when combined in the right order it can really put that 3 dimensional effect on your abs. 

So put this quick workout in effect immediately, and see your six-pack popping out in no time. 

Super fast abs' workout breakdown:

0:47 Start the workout

3 rounds

Crunches (30 sec)

Make sure while you are doing your crunches, you but in a little tight squeeze at the peak of the movement.

Scissor Kicks (30 sec)

Make sure your back is flat on the ground or have your hand right under your butt for support. The hands under ur butt will also aid in keeping the back flat.

Bridge Planks - 30 sec

While doing the bridge planks, make sure you are looking at your feet the entire time. Also make sure you are stick you butt all the way up and planking all the way back down.